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Why I’m passionate about helping business owners

For the past five years, I’ve been helping business owners navigate the challenges of growing their companies. Every engagement has been a fascinating and enjoyable experience; I’ve had a positive impact on many companies, I’ve learned a lot about myself, and I’ve made some good friends along the way.

As we steam into the New Year, I’ve been reflecting the past year, thinking about what I can do better to help business owners create great companies. I started thinking about what motivates me to do what I do–the reasons I enjoy helping owners and entrepreneurs so much. I want to share some of those reasons with you, in the hope that they will inspire you to help others. 

I enjoy helping people

The main reason I help business owners is that I genuinely enjoy helping them create great companies. I’m excited by their challenges and I enjoy working together to solve them. Whether they’re having difficulty transforming an idea into a startup, finding it hard to understand how digital marketing can generate leads, or struggling to get operational traction, it is hugely fulfilling to help people become successful.

A way to experience more challenges

Even though I’ve built many different types of business throughout my career, constantly working with entrepreneurs gives me first-hand experience with what’s involved in growing a variety of businesses, applying different marketing approaches, and dealing with an array of industry-specific challenges. By immersing myself in other peoples businesses, I’ve been exposed to much more, which has helped me grow my experience and knowledge exponentially.

Learning about success and failure

Success doesn’t come overnight, and there are often many failures along the way. I’ve had my share of failures, lessons I can pass on. At the same time, I have the opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t work, through other people’s experiences. These lessons are carried to each new engagement, benefiting other business owners.

Practicing being an amazing coach

My goal is to be a fantastic coach. To help owners build top performing marketing and sales teams; to use digital marketing to grow their companies; to be successful. I want to be the person owners call on when they need fantastic advice. I can only hope to achieve this by continuously experiencing the challenges of building a business first-hand (bootstrapping, finding product/market fit, gaining traction, aligning sales and marketing, hiring etc). These experiences will help me create a concise system, useful in helping owners become successful.