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What is Inbound Marketing?

When you think about marketing and generating new leads for your business, you most likely start thinking about email blasts, cold calling prospects on a list, tradeshows, hiring a PR agency, advertising or hosting a series of seminars.

Aside from being costly, this type of traditional marketing can be extremely irritating for the person on the receiving end. We’re inundated with 1,000s of interruptions every day, all hounding us to buy some product or service. Luckily, being rather clever, we’ve figured out innovative ways to block these intrusions of privacy – spam filters, caller ID, record a show and forward through the ads.

Enter Inbound Marketingthe most effective way of generating business online.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of buzz around this topic. So, what is Inbound Marketing after all? Shifts in consumer behaviour have made it hard for traditional outbound marketing efforts to win the consumer’s attention. The new Inbound techniques turn everything around and start offering potential customers content that adds value. Content that will help them in their buying decision and help build trust with your business.

Traditional outbound marketing is all about pushing your message out there and hoping to get a customer. Consistency is key and costly using traditional methods. So, unless you have a substantial marketing budget, deciding where to put your money to get the best mileage, it’s going to be a huge challenge.   

Consider this: consumers are doing most of their research before they even contact your sales team.

 Less Marketing Noise

Less Marketing Noise

They’re not interested in the constant marketing noise….






Google has become your company’s business card, consumers use it to find information and research products and services. They’ll ask their friends on Twitter and Facebook. By the time they get to you, the majority of the buying process is complete.

What your Customers really want is…






Consumers want to feel loved, they don’t want to feel like they’re being hunted, or like just another entry in your lead generation system.

How do you make them feel loved? 

By giving. By helping. By guiding them through their purchasing journey, and offering them valuable content along the way. Doing this, will help you attract valuable site visitors and begin building trust with them.

You need to turn your website into a hub of information for your industry. By creating an online information hub, you help yourself “get found”. Consumers will love you because they know that the content you’re offering them is valuable and in exchange, they’re prepared to give you their contact information.

Inbound Marketing offers you the best mileage for your marketing budget and it’s a consistent way of getting your message out there in a way that addresses the challenges your target audience is facing. It is drawing site traffic that is more more relevant and brings qualified visitors who are interested in the content that you are offering.

When you generate qualified website traffic, visitors convert to leads at a much higher rate compared to unqualified traffic, that is generated by a website that is not optimized.