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Inbound Marketing Infographic: 5 Steps for Success

While looking for some ideas on how to explain Inbound Marketing and how it can benefit your business, I remembered this great Infographic put together by The Whole Brain Group.

Marisa and her team have been a constant source of Inbound Marketing advice and inspiration over the past two years and the main learning points are presented in this Infographic. So, what is it all about? 5 Steps to Increase Traffic & Convert Leads into Customers does a great job at explaining this concept in simple terms.

The Infographic begins by presenting traditional Outbound Marketing versus Inbound Marketing emerging methods. While the former has lost effectiveness and relevancy in the Internet age, irritating rather than attracting potential customers, Inbound focuses on drawing valuable visitors to the desired website by using relevant content and then converting these website visits into leads.

Next, it presents the five steps for increasing website traffic and converting them into leads:

  1. Start by creating compelling content for all stages of the buying cycle
  2. Get found by people who need your products & services
  3. Convert visitors to leads and nurture the relationship
  4. Convert qualified leads to customers
  5. Analyze and adjust your marketing tactics

If you’re looking for a really simple, yet powerful explanation of what Inbound Marketing, look no further!

Inbound Marketing Infographic

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