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Entrepreneurial Business Advisor – Jean Moncrieff

Entrepreneurial Business Advisor – Jean Moncrieff


I get excited about Helping Entrepreneurs and Leaders Grow Businesses with a purpose.


My entrepreneurial epiphany came when I discovered my business was worthless…

Hi, I’m Jean Moncrieff and I help owners build healthy, sellable businesses.

For a decade, I had been constantly preoccupied with landing the next big customer, driving up revenue, growing for growths sake – all the time working ‘in’ my business, not ‘on’ it.

Years of commuting between offices had kept me from my family, my marriage was a shambles and my business in disarray.

I had lost my passion for the business, and I wanted out. At the end of 2011 I decided to sell, and that’s when I realised my business was worthless…

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Complete the questionnaire and instantly get your Value Builder Score out of 100. Companies with 80+ typically get offers that are 71% higher than average scoring businesses.

What people say…

Jean has played an instrumental role in helping us grow. He invested time in understanding our business and worked alongside the executive team to help us reach our business goals.

— Chris Wiegand, CEO & Co-Founder of Jibestream

The latest from jean…

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