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Thrive Coaching

You had an idea. Something to change the world. Your legacy. Now, you’ve experienced some degree of success. But you find yourself feeling unfulfilled. Doing the hard work, putting in the long hours, and asking yourself, ‘Do I really want to run this business? Am I honestly making a difference?’.


Why Coaching?

I also have a coach. For the reason Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Eric Schmidt did. It works. It’s how great achievers achieve. Coaching helps you succeed. It helps with the following too:

  • Uncovering your life passions.

  • Completing unfulfilled projects you care about.

  • Starting projects you only dream about.

  • Dreaming bigger.

  • Being a better leader.


Why Get Coached by Me?

I coach because I love it, I’m good at it, and my clients see results.

You’ll get no vague or new-age anything from me. Everything we do will make sense. You’ll know why you do what you do. Any principle we work on I’ll explain as much as you want.

I have a single-minded focus on helping you improve your life. I can’t learn skills for you. Only you can. I help you to understand what you want and guide you there through your behaviour. I hold you accountable. I have a friendly tone, but if I have to choose between being friendly and helping you improve your life, I’ll help you improve your life.


Some things we will work with:

  • How to identify and take ownership of your unique style of leadership

  • Understanding your psychological blocks and limiting beliefs

  • Stop the internal self-chatter that holds you back from success

  • How to have difficult conversations

  • Pitching your ideas from a place of purpose and authenticity

  • Defining and maintaining healthy boundaries

  • Asking for help, finding your resources


My fees, the way I work and your investment

Coaching is an investment in both you and your life. The renewed sense of purpose and direction starts to become apparent immediately only lasting change, takes time.

  • The first meeting, which is free, generally covers you, your goals, my methods, and if we match. If we do, we continue. If not, you have no obligation to continue.

  • Typically we meet in person, online, or by phone weekly or bi-weekly for a period of 6 months.

  • We start with a 1h 30minute Discovery Session.

  • We then have two 45 minute sessions per month via Skype, or by phone.

  • At ongoing meetings I help you know and refine your goals, to give you an unbiased perspective, and to hold you accountable on your progress. I usually give you exercises to help you develop between meetings.

  • In between sessions I support you via emails and WhatsApp so should anything arise we can check in with each other.

  • The cost of the Coaching is £500 per month, that’s £250 per session with the initial 1h 30minute Discovery Session £250.

My no-risk pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth guarantee motivates me to create satisfied customers. If you book six months (twelve sessions) and make each session on time, at the end of the twelfth session you decide if the coaching was worth what you paid and I will refund up to 100% of what you paid.

Achieving your goal becomes my goal. I want to make you able to improve on your own, independently of me.

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