10 Tips for Creating a Newsletter People Actually Enjoy Getting

Every month you probably end up right back in front of that newsletter email template, unsure of what to write. It happens to most marketers in fact. Commonly thought of as the best solution to generate more leads and amplify content, email newsletters can be a great source of joy or stress. They’re a great asset when they generate results and satisfying CTR but they can be a real disappointment when they go un-opened and deleted.

How Personal Social Media Accounts Help Businesses

You must have heard the story of personal branding very often by now and started perfecting your social media profiles, from Facebook to LinkedIn, perhaps even Instagram. That is, in fact, a very good move not only for yourself but for your company as well. You know what they say: the better the social media presence of the CEO, the better the results for their brand

6 Ways to Jump Start Your Marketing Strategy

I bet you started the year ready to achieve great things, filled with the desire to take your business to the next level. So, how are things shaping up? Are you climbing through to your cruising altitude or still struggling through some turbulence? The good news is it's not too late adjust course and find some clear air – it just takes a few hours of dedicated “think time”.