My Three Words for 2018

The River Mole Plunge

At the beginning of every year, I go through an exercise and choose three words to help focus my efforts and guide me toward my goals for the year to come. Three words that act as a lighthouse when things get foggy. And unlike resolutions, don't evaporate before the end of the first week of January.

Last year, My Three Words: Mammoth, Gonzo and LIP, played a crucial role in helping write my first book: 'The No Panic Diary' – currently midway through its first edit. Twenty seventeen was also the year I went vegan, stopped drinking (for the most part) and signed a lease. My first rental contract in five years. Sure, it has a six-month break clause, but at least I'm making progress.

Typically, I post my three words on New Years Day. But this year I took a plunge in The River Mole on NYD. Some insane notion about going into the New Year feeling invigorated. For those of you unfamiliar with English waterways, The River Mole is a tributary of the River Thames in southern England. Anyway, the water was icy and fast moving. And I nearly ended up being swept from Box Hill to East Molesey and into the River Thames, which would have spat me out in the English Channel. Fortunately I'm a good swimmer and an even better tree hugger. Never-the-less, instead of going into the New Year feeling invigorated, I went home without any feeling in my fingers and toes.


After a week spent warm myself, my fingers can finally feel the keyboard again. So, without further ado, here are My Three Words for 2018...

Drum roll please... and the winners are... Gladiator, NoWiFi and Monchu!


During a coaching seminar, my peers used this word to encapsulate some of the qualities they wanted to see more of in me. Amongst them, more sharp edges, more confidence, more craziness, and fewer walls... qualities of a gladiator. I want to work on these qualities this year, and the word gladiator fits perfectly. I've changed my desktop to a picture of Russell Crowe (Maximus)... bring it on 2018!



This word came from a series of photos of remote locations posted on Twitter by @Bruschi_P. Each post carried the caption 'No Wi-Fi'. For me, 'NoWiFi' means disconnecting my electronic tether–my iPhone or laptop. I've scheduled “NoWiFi” phases in a few ways. Dinner to breakfast daily for creative output (i.e. writing and reading) and hanging with The Daughter. 'Screen-free Saturdays', when I use no laptops and only use my mobile for navigating and communicating with friends via WhatsApp. I will also go 'vagabonding' at least four times a year. Nine day sojourns to places unknown; armed only with a pen, a camera and a backpack. An opportunity to completely disconnect and focus on my creative pursuits.


The word Monchu is an Okinawan word that means 'one family'. This year I’m committed to developing deeper more meaningful relationships with people I want to help succeed; people I feel can help me succeed; and people I who could use the help of people I know. This is a huge focus for me, on a personal level, in my business, and my pursuits. I want to help people by enriching their lives, and in the process, I hope to enrich my own life by learning from them.

Happy New Year everyone! The energy I found last year is flooding straight into 2018, and I looking forward to an excellent year.