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Random Acts of Marketing

SUMMARY “Sun Tzu put it best, ‘strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.’” How valuable is your business? Take 13-Minutes and instantly get your Value Builder report. FULL TRANSCRIPT [The following is the transcript of this video. Please note that this episode, like all posts, features Jean speaking unscripted and unedited — filmed

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Changing Your Company Culture

SUMMARY “Changing your company culture is as much a journey into personal growth as it is working on your business.” By including everyone in the process, they have a sense of ownership and will defend your culture. Culture doesn’t have to be built around some fancy culture theory. When you break it down, culture is really about the combination of

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Overcoming the fear of change

SUMMARY “Change isn’t easy. So, congratulations on taking the first steps. On gathering your team around the table and working on the future of your business.” In this episode, I share three hurdles you need to cross to overcome the fear of change in your business: Loss Pain Process Pain Outcome Pain “View the process of change as a game,

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